Eagle Eye Ministries changed my life! I went on my first summer institute with them a few years ago and it was amazing. I was a young professional one year out of college. I was working for the Church which was nice, but I had no Catholic friends and it was really starting to get me down. This retreat introduced me to some of the most wonderful and holy people I have ever had the pleasure to know. And the retreat itself opened up a whole new world for me regarding the Church. I had never been exposed to such beautiful liturgies before. In fact, I had no idea they still existed after Vatican II! My whole life I thought the liturgy was the same across the board. What I grew up with was what it was. But Eagle Eye showed me a whole new world of old traditions bringing new life to my soul. We got to meet REAL sisters and brothers who had dedicated their lives to the Lord. We got to participate in their lifestyle. We chanted the divine office, we went to daily mass and holy hour…we went to fantastic classes taught by amazing priests and religious. In a way we got to participate in eternity. For one beautiful week our lives had order and harmony, joy and friendship. And the best part, the fruits of that retreat keep on giving year after year. The people you meet stick with you. You walk together in holiness. You start making better choices and you start to encounter beauty more often. I owe Eagle Eye my life. In the midst of my ‘quarter life crisis’ this ministry came in, with the help of the Holy Spirit, and provided me with new friendships and experiences far beyond what I could have possibly imagined for myself. I volunteer now with most of their local retreats and I’m always trying to get new people to join us. This ministry and Father Nathan, all the religious, they are a real gift to this world, and they are exactly what young adults need in the Church today.

Emily Branscum

Saw Fr. Cromly’s interview on EWTN. Was very impressed with Eagle eye ministries and the enthusiasm and encouragement that Fr. Cromly offers to young adults. You’re ministry will stay in our prayers!

William Groner

Father Nathan Crumley has an amazing way to connect to all people and bring the love and joy of God to our hearts! He has phenomenal energy and such love and who he is and all he does!

Sarah Fuess Silvestro

I love the formation offered by Eagle Eye PRO. The webinars and video series are engaging, and cover various topics that are relevant to today’s Christian. Eagle Eye PRO is an awesome resource for anyone who wants to take ownership of their Catholic faith, know it, and grow it.

Sarah Beth Caudill

I have been so amazed by what I have heard!! This ministry is Inspired!

Maria Novicky Walther

I am so impressed by the quality of the Ecclesia program. It was a great way to build my faith and form community during the summer. This program offered solid and rigorous formation, a lot of time for prayer and reflection, and many creative and cultural experiences. I highly recommend this program to any young adults, it is definitely worth a month of your summer!

Michael Horianopoulos

Providing my grain of sand at Serving at EEM brings me great sense of responsibility, since having the possibility to help even behind the curtains to bring the Truth of our Lord Jesus to so many souls that might be saved because of EEM makes my life worthwhile.   

Luis Alberto Martinez Sr.

My husband and I have both had our faith and lives impacted by Eagle Eye Ministries. I know countless others who can say the same. I am happy to give back to ensure that many more people continue to have their lives and faith touched by this ministry.

Catherine Johnson

Eagle Eye Ministries founded by Fr. Nathan Cromly has given me a way to evangelize family and friends through social media. I highly recommend tuning in not only to evangelize but for your own personal spiritual direction.

Carla Specht

Have only grown from every event or retreat I have attended with Eagle Eye. Incredible Ministry.

Derek Hayden

Eagle Eye has done more for me, for my family, for my faith, than any other ministry I have encountered.

Aurora Schreck

This ministry provides tremendous insights to our faith so we can better understand what we are called to do and recognize the voice of the Spirit within us.

Tricia Saggese Adack

I first found out about Eagle Eye when I was 15. I was looking for something deeper than what my local youth group had to offer. A friend recommended Eagle Eye Ministries. I am now 22 and I have participated in both the youth and adult programs, including Ecclesia in 2015. Eagle Eye has such caring leaders, ignited and fed my desire for the truth, helped me discern during my spiritual journey, granted me peace of mind in times of uncertainty, and has made a lasting imprint on my spiritual life. Thankyou Eagle Eye Ministries.

Whitney McHaffie

I enjoy volunteering with Eagle Eye because I believe in its mission to form, inspire and unite young Catholics. I myself went on the New Zealand excursion in 2017 and have helped volunteer with a few other programs. It has been a great experience and has helped me to grow deeper in my faith and relationship with God. Eagle Eye truly seeks to bring young Catholics closer to Christ and encourage them to be fully alive as Christ meant for us to live, and I want to do what I can to help support that mission.

Mike Yerkes

My women’s group of eight recently completed the study of James with Fr. Nathan’s commentary. It was educational and inspiring. Being guided with these videos is a call to grow in holiness. We appreciate this tremendous resource. Well worth subscribing.

Cathy Mathews

For Nathan’s work is authentic. He is Momma Mary’s son. ✨🔥❤️🔥✨

Richard Westrick

Amazingly faith filled for any and all searching for Truth in their lives and the world around them.

Wendy Gerstner

This ministry really knows how to reach our youth and young adults in engaging and formative ways to answer the call with the New Evangelization! I helped out at a couple of weekend Eagle Eye Retreats…highly recommended!

Heather Makowicz

This ministry is doing so much for the Church and the New Evangelization. It has made a profound impact on my own life, especially in deepening my relationship with the Lord and directing me in His ways. Thank you to Fr. Nathan for boldly starting this spark in the fire of many hearts, may it enflame the world to proclaim the Gospel! God bless Eagle Eye!

Amanda Rohwedder

Nothing short of a miracle for young adults who thirst for Christ and his Church and who desire to experience Him in a very intense, authentic way.

Lauren Nicole Rannals

I have worked as a volunteer with Eagle Eye Ministries for several years now. Why do I spend 10-15 hours per week volunteering when I have a full time job and family that already require a lot of my time? I do it because it fills a need for young Catholics who are looking to go deeper in their faith. Eagle Eye is a family that provides community and opportunity for young adult Catholics. Without ministries like Eagle Eye, our young Catholics would be at risk of becoming lukewarm in the faith. Instead, they are on fire with the faith, and that is why I spend my time volunteering to help make sure that fire continues to burn.

Connie Burek

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