Great Content for All Ages!

Would a subscription to Eagle Eye PRO make a good gift for a loved one? Would a newly-confirmed teen or a newly-baptized adult, or any friend who may be struggling to find support in their Faith journey, benefit from Eagle Eye PRO? We think so!

Dare Great Things Podcast

To keep the fire of your faith burning, “actively try to go deeper intellectually.” Our hearts are apathetic when our minds are dull.┬áNeed help? Listen to Fr. Nathan’s “Dare Great Things” podcast!

New PRO Content Available!

New videos every Tuesday and Friday!

San Diego Desert Trip

Nov. 29 – Dec. 2. Registration and more information coming Sept. 1!

What’s all the hype about Eagle Eye PRO?

We’re so glad you asked! Check out this video for a sneak peak at PRO…

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