Young adults, ages 18 to 35, come from all over the US to attend retreats led by the Brothers of St. John, seeking to deepen their faith, and to answer the question, “What does it mean to be a martyr of the third millenium?”


While our retreats are steeped in the spirituality of the Community of St. John, retreats are targeted primarily towards young people who know their calling to be in the world. We welcome young parents as well as newlyweds and single persons, and it is not uncommon to see infants at retreats.


Our retreat participants are desperate for a deeper faith; they hunger for a Truth that is challenging and enthralling; they thirst to set the world on fire through the normal tasks of everyday lay life – in their classrooms, their offices, their parishes, and their homes. The Church is missionary by nature, and these young people are anxious to answer that call.


How does one look past the normal limitations of age, financial means, family situation, and lack of legitimately free time, and see with Christ’s eyes and heart the countless opportunities that present themselves at every single moment to bear Christ into the world? How can speaking charitably to my co-workers, changing my child’s diapers, dating with holy intent, working 60 hours a week, or simply taking out the trash bring about the salvation of souls? If I am called to be in the world – in the world, and not of it – if I am not called to be a mini-priest or nun and attend daily Mass or make a daily Holy Hour or pray the Liturgy of the Hours six times a day, then what does a lay life laid down for Christ truly look like?

January 31 to February 2

2020 Philadelphia Young Adult Retreat

Ages 18 to 35

Philadelphia, PA

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION $150, $165 after January 1st

Please direct all questions to Marisa Baldassano at phillyretreat@gmail.com

March 1

2020 Supercharge Your Soul Sunday

Ages 18 to 35

Norwood, OH

Please direct all questions to Travis Chmiel at cincyretreatteam@gmail.com

October 30 to November 1, 2020

2020 Northern Kentucky Young Adult Retreat

Ages 18 to 35

Melbourne, KY

Please direct all questions to Travis Chmiel at cincyretreatteam@gmail.com

The retreat with EEM was wonderfully refreshing and spiritually rejuvenating. I learned so much from Fr. Nathan’s teachings and talks that can be applied to my life as a Catholic young adult. Fr. Nathan’s balance of humor, theology, and stories make him a truly captivating speaker. I grew in my faith tremendously through this retreat and look forward to attending for years to come! Grace

I love the experiences of the retreats. I love hearing Fr. Nathan on so much fruitful knowledge and sharing the joy he has, it’s a breath of fresh air. He knows how to focus on the young adults to bring them close to Christ and cares about them and their desires. He’s one of the few priests I know who focus on the youth for events on growing closer to Christ when society and culture is such tough time for youth. Anna

This by far was one of the best retreats that I have ever attended. Fr. Nathan’s formation talk was phenomenal. He teaches in a way that is very engaging and speaks so much truth in how we can impact the culture by pursuing holiness in our day to day lives. Everyone was very welcoming and you truly leave the retreat rejuvenated in mind, body, and soul. I’d encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend the next retreat. A.S.

This was my first Eagle Eye experience and I loved it! My friends have been going to many E.E. events for years and I am so glad they asked me to come for Supercharge. […] I will for sure go back to Supercharge in the future! Lauren Hite

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