Lead Event Cook

Mar 17, 2018

– Position Objective –

As a volunteer cook with Eagle Eye Ministries you will have the main responsibility to make sure all participants, volunteers, staff, and religious are fed during the assigned times. You may either be doing this alone or with a team, depending on the type and size of the event you have volunteered to help with. In conjunction with your leader, you will also make sure there is enough food for everyone at all times.

– Organization –

Founded in 2003, Eagle Eye Ministries’ mission is to form, unite, and inspire young Catholics for the new evangelization by deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ, through prayer, study, culture, and community. We thank you for joining us in our mission to continually bring Jesus into the lives of His Children and in a special way we thank you for volunteering to serve Jesus in such a humble and beautiful way!ting with your leader prior to the beginning of the event to plan meals (and staff)


– Responsibilities –

Food Acquisition

  • In conjunction with your leader and director you will help plan and purchase all the food and supplies necessary to feed everyone involved on the trip.

Meal Planning

  • With your leader (and team) you will regularly maintain and adjust the menu to make sure all ingredients are accounted for all upcoming meals.
  • This includes planning for those who have certain food allergies that may need to eat a different meal than the majority, or planning meals that everyone can eat.
  • (Dividing up tasks for your team to accomplish if you have a team)

– Qualifications –

  • Can adequately cook for the group you have volunteered to serve.
  • Comfortable working with others and adjusting to changing circumstances
  • Available and able to work long hours, possibly prepping breakfast early, and staying up late cleaning and prepping the next day’s meals.

– Practicalities –

  • Can easily be a full time position during the event
  • Requires planning meeting with your leader prior to the beginning of the event to plan meals (and staff)