EESI Core Team

Mar 17, 2018

– The EESI Core Team –

EESI relies upon the dedicated work of the Core Team and the Camp Director (Priest from the Community St. John). The main responsibilities of the Core Team members are listed below. Please note that these tasks may be divided among the members in different ways when necessary.

– Organization –

Founded in 2003, Eagle Eye Ministries’ mission is to form, unite, and inspire young Catholics for the new evangelization by deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ, through prayer, study, culture, and community.

Core-Team Director* (is different from Camp Director and should be the Mama/Papa Eagle)

  • Plans core team meetings
  • Books the Institute’s location/camping
  • Verifies the work done by each member and answers questions/unifies the team
  • Makes final decisions during the planning process
  • Controls the budget, sets prices
  • Makes final decisions about the admission of candidates
  • In collaboration with EEBOM (Eagle Eye Board of Ministries) and the EESI Committee, makes arrangements for Brothers and Sisters of St. John – how many, which ones, arrival and departure information, ticket purchasing, etc.
  • Works with EEBOM, develops local fundraising schedule
  • Responsible that all paperwork – for liability, fingerprinting, background checks, etc. – be completed on time
  • Ensures the selection of small-group leaders and camp assistant director
  • Oversees operation of institute with small group leaders and camp assistant director reporting to Mama or Papa Eagle
  • Responsible for archiving all program paperwork for Eagle Eye or Diocese
  • Responsible for Financial Report to EEBOM accountant according to calendar and maintaining Chase Bank Account

Camp Assistant Director* (has the moral authority to make decisions and encourage cooperation)

  • Assistant to Mama/Papa Eagle and Camp Director (Priest)
  • Responsible for coordinating with EEBOM for printed materials including reading packet (making sure they are ordered and mailed on time), Psalters and Songbooks
  • Prepares for classroom needs including religious items (crucifix, statue of Mary) set up of table/chairs, paper and pens, white board and new white board markers
  • Responsible for schedule with keen attention to transitions (post daily schedule and check flow)
  • Ensures creation of charts for duty, music groups, Mass servers/readers
  • Arrange dining room with prayer cards and saint names
  • Prepares door tags for participants rooms
  • Organizes travel and tent groupings
  • Posts schedule for all night adoration

Promotions/Registration Coordinator

  • Coordinates advertising information for Eagle Eye Summer Institute with EEBOM (Promotions team)
  • Coordinates all local advertising
  • Oversees registration of participants
  • Sends out acceptance communication, maps, what to bring
  • Mails fundraising materials to scholarship applicants
  • Works with EEBOM to order tee shirts
  • Develops participant contact sheet (email, facebook info)
  • Provides all chaperones/small group leaders with a copy of Emergency Medical Form and Contact Info for participants in their group
  • Provides Food Coordinator pertinent information regarding participants allergies, special diets, etc.

Food Coordinator*

  • Responsible for planning/organizing menu to include 2 meals per day plus supply materials for cold breakfasts, daily snacks and food for hiking trip
  • Creates menu and shopping list
  • Handles labeling and storage of food
  • Secures food donations as able
  • Organizes special food for hike in collaboration with hiking coordinator
  • Coordinates with parents special diets as needed
  • Recruits and coordinates volunteers who assist with meal preparation daily
  • Provides volunteers with written copy of menu, schedule, kitchen protocol, food prep and clean- up duties
  • Coordinates volunteers and supplies if offering Saturday morning “Dads” pancake breakfast
  • In Collaboration with Mama/Papa Eagle, responsible for Sunday potluck coordination (teen program)

Hike Coordinator*

  • Secures location for camping/hiking and reserves campground (works with Core-Team Director)
  • Scouts-out trails and camping facilities ahead of time – very important!
  • Plans trails to be hiked
  • Supplies maps of trails, etc. to small group leaders
  • Secures transportation to and from
  • Plans schedule for trip in collaboration with Mama Eagle and Camp Assistant Director – departure/arrival, Mass and Adoration times, meal times, etc.
  • Work with Food Coordinator for meal planning

Liturgical Coordinator*

  • Works with Brothers and Sisters to secure proper liturgical supplies for Mass, Adoration and Offices
  • Contact Sacristan from the Community of St. John prior to camp to determine needs
  • Ensures schedule for priestly presence – Mass and Confession times if needed
  • Assists the Sisters/Brothers to arrange the Chapel (if possible) for Liturgies
  • Review liturgical calendar for feast days
  • Sets up for Stations of the Cross/All night adoration following instruction of Brothers/Sisters


  • Organizes afternoon activities for each day (Tuesday – Saturday) — separate for boys and girls if in high school
  • Secures transportation, maps and completes paperwork necessary for any trips
  • Coordinates First Aid kits and needs for each activity
  • Is responsible for collaborating with Assistant Director for torch-making for Stations of the Cross (made ahead of time is preferred) and securing a cross
  • Assists the Greatness Coordinator (one of the Sisters or Brothers) with activities for campfire each evening

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Works with Mama Eagle and EEBOM to develop fundraising program
  • Creates a team to assist with fundraising needs
  • Collaborates with Registration Coordinator for scholarship applicants to raise funds toward their registration fee

*Should be present as a member of the staff for the eight (8) days of the Institute.