Eagle Eye

Communities on Mission

was formed in response to our alumni’s desire to continue their formation and friendships following their participation in an Eagle Eye program. We don’t want our participants’ experience to end with the program – we want that to be just the beginning!

Community on Mission

Dayton, OH

Eagle Eye Alumni in Dayton are working to establish a Community with monthly formation nights for separate groups of men and women. Join them on their next retreat!

True Friendship: A Young Adult Retreat

October 28, 2018

Ages 18 to 39

7:45AM – 1PM EST

Community on Mission

Cincinnati, OH

Fall Campout & Barn Dance

November 9 to 11, 2018

Advent Event

December 14 to 15, 2018

Spring Campout

April 26 to 28, 2019

Marie Howe

Marie Howe

My husband, Matthew, and I love to have fun and live life in abundance! We have 2 daughters and live in the Cincinnati region. Our hobbies are skiing, laughing, hiking, playing board games, throwing parties, catching up with new and old friends, etc. We consider our family gift to be “connection-makers.” Our goal is to welcome each of you and help you connect – with awesome friends, families, parishes, events, faith/active/intellectual groups, etc. Our  current niche is social event planning – particularly serving young adults and families with young children in the greater Cincinnati region. We are looking forward to living more abundantly with each of you in our lives! 

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