Eagle Eye Communities on Mission

Eagle Eye programs inform, embolden, and excite!

Let your faith continue to flourish beyond the program’s end:

Engage with Eagle Eye Community on Mission.

Together, we’ll be fishers of men!

EECOM members are incorporated into the community and mission of Eagle Eye. Once enrolled, you will:

  • Be part of a Regional Alumni Chapter;
  • Receive invitations to Alumni events in your region;
  • Be able to join (or apply to lead) an Eagle Eye Community Group;
  • Receive the EECOM Newsletter;
  • Receive discounts on various Eagle Eye events and services – including a 10% discount on Eagle Eye PRO
  • Be enrolled in our Prayer Partner Force; and
  • Be connected to Alumni networking: find jobs, travel buddies, roommates, and more!

Eagle Eye program participants experience a profound personal encounter with Jesus Christ, vibrant community, and inspiration to proclaim the Gospel. Naturally, they have a strong desire to bring this encounter home to their daily lives.

The Eagle Eye Community on Mission (EECOM) was formed in response to our participants’ desire to continue their spiritual formation, friendships, and evangelization after the Eagle Eye program ends. We don’t want our participants’ experience to end with the program – we want that to be just the beginning!

EECOM provides ongoing spiritual formation, vibrant community, and training in evangelization for our participants as they leave our programs and head home. Any Eagle Eye program participant can enroll as an EECOM member. Members are incorporated into their local EECOM Chapter so they can connect with other alums, join community groups, receive training for evangelization, enjoy discounts on EEM services, and more!

Enroll now, or learn more about the Regional Chapters, Community Groups, and Missionary Disciple formation below.

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Regional Chapters

Eagle Eye Alumni number in the thousands—and counting!—across the country and the world. To bring them together to grow in love for God and neighbor, we have organized EECOM into Regional Chapters. Meet new people, connect with old friends, and enjoy social, service, and spiritual events together by connecting with your local chapter!

Our Chapters are forming, and will be up and running by December 12th! If you are interested in joining a local chapter, please email stuart.weiss@eagleeyeministries.org

Community Groups

When Jesus wanted to change the world, He started by gathering 12 men, calling them His friends, and teaching them about the Kingdom of God. Eagle Eye Community Groups are small groups of 4-12 people who meet on a regular basis to grow in friendship with God and one another. Led by trained EECOM members, Community Groups are open to Alumni and non-alumni alike (with permission of the group leader). Group formats range from home-based bible studies to outdoor adventure groups. Find one that’s right for you!

Missionary Disciples

Pope Francis has called for “Missionary Disciples,” and Eagle Eye Ministries eagerly responds to that call. The Eagle Eye Missionary Disciple Training will give you and two to three friends a chance to dive deep into one of our premier formation programs. It will forge friends into brothers during the 20-week formation period that includes online classes and unique challenges in your spiritual life. After completing the initial 20-week program, you will officially be an Eagle Eye Missionary Disciple and be assisted in starting a local small group to evangelize while creating community for other Alumni! This is not for the faint of heart—are you up for the challenge?

For more information, please contact Stuart Weiss, Director of EECOM: stuart.weiss@eagleeyeministries.org

Will YOU dare great things for Christ?

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