Eagle Eye Ministries



In order to fulfill the call of the New Evangelization, we must prepare the next generation of lay leaders to be savvy and devout in their abilities. The Saint John Institute sets the gold standard for ministry formation, education, and preparation for our future leaders.


To be one ministry that will create 1,000. What makes us unique: We form our graduates from the inside out. Our students will have both an entrepreneur's mind and a missionary's heart.

  • Open ministries that effectively proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and His teachings

  • Persevere in their ministry over time

  • Offer new, creative solutions to the current hardships in the world of evangelization

  • Desire to inspire others to follow in the Lord's path

Eagle Eye Ministries played an integral role in my intellectual, emotional and spiritual formation...I have developed a strong and fruitful prayer life, grown to love apostolic work and charity, as well as have established confidence in myself and my mission as a daughter of God. A program like SJI is needed because it is an opportunity to form, unite and inspire young people to live a life of significance and greatness.
— R.S., Eagle Eye Ministries Participant


The Saint John Institute has partnered with Walsh University to offer students a fully-accredited Master's of Business Administration program in entrepreneurial business. Professors at Walsh University will offer courses for the Saint John Institute students as a unique class via an online course format. Saint John Institute students will complete each course together in a classroom setting on the SJI Denver Campus, with additional, non-accredited Theology and Philosophy classes provided in-person by the Brothers of the Community of St. John.

Thus, students will receive the benefits of a fully-accredited MBA from a top-quality Catholic university while living in a community of their peers in the rich spiritual milieu of the Community of St. John.

For more information email info@saintjohninstitute.org