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In the presentations in this section Father Nathan will remind us of the importance of renewing our relationship with Mary to draw us even closer to Jesus. 

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        Mary and the Resurrection     (4 part series)

In this series, “Mary and the Resurrection,” Fr. Nathan prepares us to make a total consecration of ourselves to Jesus, the Incarnate Wisdom, through his most holy Mother Mary.

              Mary, Cause of Our Joy             (6 part series)

In this series, Father Nathan takes us further in understanding adoration and the meaning of consecration. He reflects on Mary and her life to provide encouragement and an example for our own lives. This consecration is not just another Catholic devotion for if it is lived out in its true spirit it should change our lives profoundly. All Mary needs is our desire to receive from her and she will give us every grace to love her Son more and more.

          Mary, Disciple of Christ             (4 part series)

All Christians are called to be disciples of Christ. How does one live the discipleship?  Father Nathan helps us to do this by drawing us closer to the Virgin Mary; Christ’s first and foremost disciple. Follow Father Nathan in his four part, in depth study, on the discipleship of Mary that we are called to model through our consecration.

“Yes of course, holy Mary did the will of the Father. And therefore it means more for Mary to have been a disciple of Christ than to have been the mother of Christ. It means more for her, an altogether greater blessing, to have been Christ’s disciple than to have been Christ’s mother. That is why Mary was blessed, because even before she gave him birth, she bore her teacher in her womb.” - St. Augustine, Sermon 72/A, 7 (click here for complete excerpt)