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Make your Consecration

We are excited that you are considering a Consecration to Jesus through Mary!  We hope the following resources will guide you on how you can prepare yourself for Consecration, as well as provide you an example of how to Consecrate yourself!

Step-by-Step Guide

1.) Get a book to guide you! Marian Faith Network recommends:

Totus Tuus

Totus Tuus: A Contemplative Approach to Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary edited by Father Nathan Cromly, CSJ Cost: $30.00 (includes USPS Priority Shipping)

Or Preparation for Total Consecration by St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort

2.) Pick a date: Most people select a Marian Feast Day. Choose one that is at least 33 days from the time you get your book, or one that has special meaning to you.

December 8 (the Immaculate Conception) December 12 (Our Lady of Guadalupe) February 11 (Our Lady of Lourdes) March 25 (the Annunciation) July 16 (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) August 15 (the Assumption) September 8 (Nativity of the Virgin Mary) September 15 (Our Lady of Sorrows) November 21 (the Presentation of Mary)

3.) Plug in to MFN’s Online formation: Whether you’re making your Total Consecration alone or with a group, MFN offers extensive spiritual conferences, online retreats, and LIVE formation sessions that you can use to help you go deeper.

UPDATE: Check our calendar for LIVE WEBCASTS and RETREATS in your area in 2014!

Explore this site to see a full listing of offerings, and be sure to sign up for the MFN e-letter, The Queen’s Victory, to receive updates and alerts about upcoming MFN LIVE Sessions with Father Nathan Cromly and the MFN Team.

Totus Tuus
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Totus Tuus

A Contemplative Approach to Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, edited by Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ

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4.) Get started: Follow your book and engage in the Scripture readings, devotions, and prayers that are laid out for you every day. Consider doing them first thing in the morning.

Add additional devotions according to your desire and state in life: Holy Mass, Adoration, reciting the holy Rosary, making a regular Confession, extra acts of penance or works of charity are all appropriate.

5.) Make It: Having gone to Confession, it is recommended – if possible – that one attend Holy Mass with the intention of Consecrating oneself to Jesus through Mary as a slave of love.

After Mass, recite the prayer of Consecration with fervor. Some people write it out, while others simply sign the page they’re reading.

Celebrate this deepening of your baptismal promises! (Gather a group of people and get creative!)

6.) Renew it and Live it DAILY: St. Louis de Montfort says, 233. “Every year at least, on the same date, they should renew the consecration following the same exercise for three weeks. They might also renew it every month or even every day by saying this short prayer: “I am all thine and all I have is thine, O dear Jesus, through Mary, Thy holy Mother.”

Marian Faith Network is also here to offer ongoing, dynamic formation for Total Consecration, and to help you Make, Live, and Renew your Consecration in the Third Millennium.

Visit us often, and remain a vessel of love and hope. Be made holy!

Sample Consecration Ceremony

Place: Preferably a Church or some place near the Blessed Sacrament. A Marian shrine within the Church would be very fitting.

Setting: It is good to dress up for the occasion!

If you are organizing this for a group of your friends, why not consider buying them little souvenir gifts (medals, holy cards, etc.) to make the moment even more special? Having each one have a rose which they can place at Mary’s feet after they have made their consecration is a good way to do this, for example.

If you will be having a priest witness the consecration –definitely a good idea – he should be wearing an alb/surplice and a white stole.

How the Ceremony takes place (suggestion):

Introductory procession (if for a group): The people process in, two by two, followed by the priest. They genuflect at the foot of the sanctuary and go to their places.

Greeting: The priest says a word indicating what will happen and its importance, etc.

Gospel Proclamation: John 19:25-27 (or other suitable text)

After the Gospel is proclaimed a homily should follow. It would be appropriate for this homily to be substantial in length and content in order to properly mark the occasion. The priest should underscore the meaning of the act of consecration, encouraging the young people and indicating the special place of Mary in the Christian life. (Moment of silence after homily)

The Act of Consecration

Those making the consecration kneel on the step of the sanctuary (or other suitable place) to read the formula of consecration out loud, together. (Be sure you all have the same version ahead of time!) The rest of the assembly who will be renewing their consecration (including, at his discretion, the priest) kneels with them.

When they come to the paragraph beginning with “I __________, a faithless sinner” they should stop. Each person reads the phrase: “I _______ a faithless sinner” so as to say their name out loud clearly. Then, they continue to read the rest of the consecration together as a group.

All those in the congregation who are renewing their consecration should read the text along with those making the consecration for the first time up until these two paragraphs. They should then stop and let the others do this part on their own, before joining with them again at the words, “Receive then…”

Meditation Hymn: When the prayer finishes, a meditative song/refrain may be sung. (For example: Hail Mary, Gentle Woman, or the Ave Maria in Gregorian Chant, or someone playing a solo instrument, etc.)

Final Blessing: The priest goes before those kneeling, extends his hands, and blesses them. He may improvise a blessing or use an already-existing formula. He finishes by saying, “Go in the peace of Christ,” or something similar.

Recessional: A joyful song is sung while everyone processes out, two-by-two. Once outside of the Church, all may greet one another with a joyful “sign of peace!”