Eagle Eye Ministries

We seek to provide formation that offers young people an opportunity to not only encounter the living Christ, but also discover and develop a personal friendship with him. One that will take hold of their deepest capacities and ignite within them a desire to live lives of true Christian charity. In this way, our participants will evangelize by their very lives, wherever they are. They will be inspired to greatness and true sainthood, seeking what is highest at every level.

According to St. Augustine, the eagle draws his ability to soar into the heights from the force of the sun attracting him. In placing all his focus on the sun, his ultimate end, the eagle leaves the earth behind and soars toward the sun. At such heights, he gains a view that allows keenness of judgment about what he sees. In this same way, Eagle Eye formation seeks to give young people what is ultimate in the most intense way possible allowing them to gain wisdom and knowledge as they seek God as their attractive end. In the place of the eagle, young people will allow God to pull them further and further toward himself.

To do this, we live all our programs with a spirit of unity and fraternal charity among staff and participants. With emphasis on the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love, we seek to become little and let go of the securities we find on earth so as to soar ever higher. We find joy in the heights that we reach because with wisdom we are not burdened by lesser things.



  • Our goal is to help our participants develop an authentic and lasting relationship with Christ. We strive to provide the best spiritual formation possible in order that they may truly live what is at the heart of the Church. This formation is aimed at developing a contemplative faith rooted in Christ for His sake and sharing in his cry of thirst. We accomplish this through a variety of experiences of contemplative and liturgical prayer including:
  • Daily:
    • Spiritual Conferences
    • Rosary
    • Mass
    • Adoration
    • Monastic Liturgy of the Hours
    • Lectio Divina
  • Opportunities for:
    • Confession
    • Spiritual Direction
    • Service and evangelization
    • live Stations of the Cross
    • Eucharistic processions
    • All night adoration

Intellectual - We strive to provide the very best intellectual formation possible in order that our participants may live life to the fullest, and fully live out their faith in the modern world.

  • Philosophy – Based in the teachings of Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas, our Philosophical realism allows us to form an authentic grasp of the truth of the human person and discern between what is true and false in lines of thought in the contemporary world. Through philosophy we deepen our knowledge and love of the world in which we live and of God.
  • Theology – Allowing St. Thomas Aquinas and the Church’s tradition to enlighten us, our Theology brings us into a deeper love for the Word of God, source of life for the church.

Cultural - We want to provide a place for participants to develop their talents and learn how to put their unique gifts at the service of generating a culture of life.

  • Theater – campfires, talent shows, and even full-scale productions.
  • Music – from individual performances during programs to participating in professional-quality Church choirs.
  • Artwork – Decorating our environment or liturgical artwork for our events.
  • Sports – Daily time for sports pushes participants to give their best as a team.

Human Formation

  • Community – We want to provide a place for our participants to develop real friendships in Christ who share their desires for truth and life.  We intend to provide a place where they will find the support they need on the path holiness, and be inspired by those like them.  We hope to provide a kind meeting place for future leaders of the New Evangelization. 
    • Friendships formed during programs
    • Online formation opportunities with forums
    • Retreat reunions
    • Online Lectio Divina group
  • Leadership – The aim of Eagle Eye is to pass on a formation that inspires its participants to give the best of themselves to the needs of the Church today.  By accepting to live Eagle Eye experiences in a spirit of humble service, and by coming into contact with movements and leaders in today’s Church, participants see what the difference their lives can make, and learn of the concrete steps they can take to put their lives at the service of the Gospel.



  • Our Summer Institutes and weekend retreats are geared for teens who already know the basics of our Catholic faith. Joining this with the philosophical search for the truth, we show teens the unity of the Christian life. Your faith becomes something you must live because you understand why it matters. In this way, we bridge the gap between what we are living and what we believe. We want to inspire you to seek the Truth about everything in your lives. The Church needs you!

Young Adults (18-30)

  • Our programs for young adults are designed for college students and recent college graduates who desire to delve deeper into our Catholic faith. The experience of community life and monastic prayer offered in the Eagle Eye Institute is intended for those who desire to give a year of their life to Christ and is a perfect opportunity to seek the Lord in prayer and service to his Church. Foundational habits that allow you to live an authentic Christian life wherever you are. Instead of talking about praying, we build one.
  • Young Adult Summer Institutes are designed to offer community and a place for those who are searching for the truth. Engaging in the intensity of the search for what is ultimate will lead you to a view of the possibilities for your life in Christ. To the heights! 

Young Professionals (22-35)

  • We offer two programs geared particularly to young professionals who find themselves looking for more from the world and from the Church. Ecclesia Institute is a very unique opportunity for those who are working in areas of evangelization or who hope to evangelize by their lives. Whether as youth ministers, teachers, missionaries, mothers and fathers, entrepreneurs, doctors, bankers, or artists, all are called to sainthood. At Ecclesia not only will you will meet other young professionals who are hoping to make an impact for Christ, but you will gain the experience, knowledge, and friendships necessary to light fires in the hearts of others wherever you go.
  • Excursions offer an opportunity for young professionals to take time away from work to enjoy the challenges of nature and teamwork in an environment conducive to contemplation, prayer, and discussion. Much of the formation of the Excursions comes about in the daily work of the hike and exposure to the elements as well as time together during meals, setting up and breaking camp, and group presentations. 

Anyone looking for more

  • The Saint John Institute, Partnering with Walsh University, will provide an accredited MBA in the New Evangelization. The Saint John Institute is a program unlike any other. Graduates will truly have an entrepreneur's mind and a missionary's heart. The program is now open to applicants for the 2016-2017 academic year.
  • In addition to our programs, we offer formation in a variety of other ways. The Marian Faith Network is an incredible resource for those who have made the de Montfort consecration or are preparing for it. Anyone looking to go deeper in faith should consider joining.
  • We also have weekly podcasts that focus on themes of evangelization in the modern world, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and going deeper in our Catholic faith. These are designed to be short tidbits that will feed you and help you go further in your own personal studies of the Bible, philosophy, and theology. We also have an audio podcast of spiritual conferences and retreat talks for those who want longer more concentrated classes. 

  • Through our Associates program, we offer the opportunity to serve with us in our ministry and in return members can also access our online mini-courses and discussion forum each academic semester. These courses cover a variety of topics in philosophy and theology and are intended to bring Eagle Eye formation to those who cannot attend our programs. Join today!