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This has given me the tools for life!
— Participant

Excursions takes the intellectual, spiritual, and human formation to the trails! These trips offer young adults a chance to build community and encounter Christ outside their familiar elements. Backcountry camping, miles of intense hiking, skiing, daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Liturgy of the Hours, and discussions provide a unique opportunity to grow in fraternal charity and discover the beauty of the natural world. Also, on many excursions, we have the opportunity to visit pilgrimage and cultural sites. 

2016-2017 Excursions

Spend four days in the Rocky Mountains while growing in fraternal charity April 27-30 2017

White Water Raft and Backpack in Browns Canyon
June 3-10, 2017

Advent Retreat in San Diego Desert (Level 1 and 2)
November 30 - December 3, 2017

Walk The Way with Eagle Eye
July 15-26, 2017

5 Day backpacking trip in Buena Vista, CO
July 29 - August 2, 2017

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Email excursions@eagleeyeministries.org or call/text (720) 507-8774

What you need to know:

Consider joining us for one of our many excursions this coming summer. They will challenge you physically and spiritually! Our excursions are very physically demanding and are for the avid outdoors-men (or woman!). We have separated out excursions into three different levels to help our participants choose the trip that best suits their interest and ability. It is important to review this as it will help you understand what will be required of you as well as the skill level of the other participants that you will be journeying with.

Level 1

This is our introductory level excursion. If you have not backpacked and camped before, this is definitely the right level for you!  While the thrust of the excursion remains the same:  to experience the outdoors in as full a way possible, and the vast majority of the time is spent in activities involving nature, there will almost always be some form of transportation and shelter near-by. All hikes will return back to a base camp area each day, requiring participants to only carry a daypack (instead of a hefty backpack). You will also sleep in a tent or structure with bathroom facilities near by (though, they may be quite rustic!). Level one excursions are for people who are interested in going on an Eagle Eye Excursion, who may have not had much experience before, but feel they can be an active member of the group and complete all the hikes or trips in a wilderness environment.  

Note:  Even though this is our introductory level, the activities performed each day will still be strenuous, as strenuous as a level three excursion!  The difference lies in the proximity of transportation and shelter and the stability of the program, not necessarily in the ease of the activities.

Level 2

Our intermediate level excursion is for those who have some experience in the outdoors, (e.g. camping and hiking for an extended time and distance), but who may not have had enough experience to know what they will be getting into with a level 3 excursion.  During level 2 excursions there may be times when participants will need to be able to carry all of their items on their back, including, water, clothing, tent, and cooking supplies as hikes will last longer than a day, requiring the group to set up a new camp on some nights (even if not all). This requires a considerable amount of physical strength and mental capacity to endure long and hard treks through the wilderness. This level will have less access to transportation, fresh water, and bathrooms. Because of this the participants need to be very comfortable handling themselves in the wilderness, caring for themselves and not putting themselves in danger due to lack of experience or physical ability.

Level 3

This is our seasoned level excursion. These participants will be away from from any sort of external support for up to a week at a time. They will travel in deserted areas where transportation, running water, or bathrooms are not available. These excursions will require all participants to consistently carry all of their belongings on their back throughout the duration of the trip, not having a base camp to leave any items to return back to.


  1. Interview with Excursion Director (excursions@eagleeyeministries.org)

  2. Health Form to be completed by a Physician (not included in excursion cost)

  3. Deposit/Registration to hold your spot (non-refundable)


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