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Ecclesia 2018

Forming the saints of the 3rd Millennium

 June 18 - July 21

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The Ecclesia Institute is designed to give the participants an experience of the inner life of the Church.  The purpose of the Institute is to make the Church’s mystery present in a tangible way through the Liturgy, the fraternal communion of the participants, the classes dedicated to the pursuit of the Truth, and the culture which flows from Faith.   Through these diverse and rich experiences, and not separated from them, the saving and life-giving presence of Jesus Christ and His Wisdom come to us. 

The Community of St. John believes that the New Evangelization being called for by the Church today requires contemplative evangelizers: men and women who proclaim Christ with their whole persons because they love Him with their whole hearts.

By learning how to love Christ intensely and deeply, placing Him first in their days by prayer and incarnating His love in their daily relationships, participants in Ecclesia will have the solid foundation in which to effectively situate and assimilate the intellectual formation they will receive.  At the heart of the Church is a mystery of love:  Love feeding itself on Truth, and Truth bringing forth a deeper and deeper Love.  We want Ecclesia to be an experience with this love of God, shared in Community.

We want to bring young people into the cry of thirst of Jesus Christ – to hear that cry, to live it, and to pass it on to others. To do this, participants are plunged into a month-long formation program centered on encountering the Person of Jesus and allowing His love for the Father and for men to take hold of them. This is the heart of the mystery of the Church, the unity of believers in the love of the Savior. All of the activities and the rich offerings of the program (contemplative prayer, beautiful, reverent liturgy, invigorating studies, abundant fraternal charity, debates, discussions, sports, authentic cultural experiences, etc.) bring about and enhance this encounter.

Designed to give “The most of the best to the thirstiest” the Ecclesia Institute is a kind of open door to the heart of the Church. Thanks to the engaging combination of the monastic life (provided by both the Benedictine Sisters whose university hosts the program and the Brothers and Sisters of St. John who facilitate it) and the open and engaging atmosphere of a thoroughly modern university, Ecclesia is an ideal setting for the future protagonists of the Church’s efforts in the Third Millennium to meet one another, discuss the timeless truths of Catholicism, and engage the difficult and deep questions of our modern society without fear or pretension.

Through rich liturgy, intense silent Adoration, invigorating and challenging classes, and fruitful, fun experiences of Community, participants are given a true taste of the inner life of the Catholic Church – a life of love, of mercy, of joy, and of intense gift. Nothing evangelizes the world more than the life of the Church; nothing transmits the truth of Christ more faithfully than the life of the Church; nothing bears witness more to the presence of God than the life of the Church. And so, this is what the Ecclesia Institute seeks to give – an authentic experience of Catholic community, rooted in the monastic life, and flowing into an intelligent dynamic encounter with the modern world.

Participants will be immersed in the monastic rhythms and intensity of the Brothers and Sisters of St. John. They will meet other young Catholic leaders just like themselves. They will drink at the source of the Wisdom of the tradition and challenge the questions of the modern world without fear. They will hear the cry of thirst and pass it on. They will serve the Church of the third millennium.


6:45am          Silent Prayer

7:30am           Lauds

8:05am           Breakfast

8:45 am          Lectio Divina

9:30am           Philosophy class

10:30am         Philosophy class

11:45am          Sext

12:00pm          Holy Mass

1:00pm            Lunch

2:00pm           Free time or sports

3:30pm           Theology class

4:30pm           Theology class

5:45pm           Dinner

6:45pm           Vespers

7:15pm             Adoration

Evening Campfires, debates, free time, study groups, and more!


June 18             Move-in Day

June 19             Orientation Day

June 20-22  Camping in the Badlands

June 24             The Lord’s Day

June 25-29           Week 1 of Class

June 30                Cultural Outing

June 31                The Lord’s Day

July 2-6          Week 2 of Class

July 7                  Cultural Outing

July 8                 The Lord’s Day

July 9-13         Silent Retreat

July 16-20          Class days

July 21              Cultural Outing

July 22              The Lord’s Day

July 23-24       Week 3 of Class

July 24                 Final Exams

July 25                 Marian Foot Pilgrimage

July 25                  Departure Day



Monday             Free Evening

Tuesday            Guest Speaker

Wednesday       Study Groups

Thursday          Group Sports/Bonfire

Friday                Debate Night

Saturday           Free Evening

Sunday             Movie Night

                          Marian Consecration Talk