Eagle Eye Ministries

What is the EEM Associate Program?

Eagle Eye is more than just a series of programs; it is a community of people with the same desire: to see young people on fire with the love of God.

Eagle Eye Associates are people from across the country who join with us to evangelize in one of four ways: prayer, promotion, resources, and funding. In return, Associates have access to our online formation center (free online classes!) and monthly live webcasts on evangelization, with a member of the Community of St. John, designed exclusively for them!

Who are EEM Associates?

Our Prayer Associates receive e-mails reminding them to pray for the participants and staff of specific Eagle Eye retreats before they happen.  They also participate in our annual Eagle Eye Novena.  Offering their sufferings, their works, and their prayers and sacrifices for young people, these associates help evangelize in the most powerful way.

Our Promotion Associates, or “Ambassadors,” help us spread the word about our various events.  Their role is crucial: to help people know what is happening so that young people can attend.  By sharing announcements in their parish bulletin, hanging up posters at their parish, forwarding one of our quarterly promotional e-mails to your e-mail list, sharing Facebook events, or simply contacting a few people by phone about our events, our Ambassadors form the vital links that connect EEM formation with the young people who want it the most.

Our Resource Associates provide valuable resources for our cause. From frequent flyer miles , printing services, and website design, to summer vacation homes we can use and medical assistance, EEM is interested in any way that you may wish to offer to help.  We put the resources offered into our database, and, when we need something, we’ll contact you.  It’s just that simple.  All talents and resources are welcome!

Our Benefactors make it possible to fund the many projects Eagle Eye Ministries makes for the sake of the Gospel.  From one-time gifts to monthly donations, all gifts are tax-deductible and highly-appreciated.  Benefactors receive quarterly reports on the impact their giving has made on EEM.

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